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As leading total power solution manufacturer in China, INVT POWER is committed to offer high quality products and service to global customers. The powerful R&D ability insures that products and solutions are the best choice for critical power applications.

The product lines cover modular UPS, high frequency UPS, low frequency UPS, EPS, inverter, telecom rectifier, battery. With our own complete intellectual properly rights, the power ranges from 0.5KVA to 800KVA. INVT owns advanced power supply technologies including DSP intelligent control system, fully digital parallel technique, fully IGBT technology UPS, advanced protection technique, etc.

INVT established the most powerful R&D platform for power supply development in China. The platform includes components lab, performance lab, mechanical environmental lab, climate environment lab, EMC lab and safety lab. Due to all of these technologies and platform, INVT products are considered to be the most advanced and reliable in China.