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Global Cooperators and Partners Meeting of INVT 2015

On December 15-19, 2015, INVT Global Cooperators and Partners Meeting has been held in Changsha. Over 80 excellent domestic cooperators and partners and over 30 excellent overseas cooperators and partners attended the meeting; it’s the first time for INVT in the name of group to organize INVT Electric and all subsidiaries to attend the global cooperators and partners meeting, which is a significant event for INVT Group. With the theme of “work together to create new breaks and mutual benefits”, the meeting analyzed the trend of industry, discussed the new growing points and made the development strategies in the coming year. Huang Shenli, chairman and president of INVT Group, Li Ying, vice president of INVT Group, and Zhang Kemeng, vice president of INVT Group, as well as general managers of INVT’s subsidiaries and the principals of marketing department, brand department, technical center and service department gave their speeches, expressed the prospects of INVT’s development driving force and common growth with cooperators in the future.


Work together to create new breaks

As a pacemaker in China’s automation control industry, INVT has its development all over the world and its products have been sold to more than 60 countries and regions, keeps the leading position in amount of exports. It’s a downturn year for the global economy in 2015 and the investment demand was weakened; and it becomes a focus point for all people how to face the challenge for INVT and break the bottleneck together with global cooperators and partners. INVT has worked a lot and prepared thematic speeches against the domestic and overseas market trend, and proposed new thoughts and strategies for the development in 2016, and brought forward specific requirements for the cooperators and partners how to collaborate with INVT.

In the morning of December 16, the meeting was officially opened, and Mr. Huang Shenli, chirman and president of INVT Group, made his speech “work together to create new breaks and mutual benefits” at the beginning of the meeting, who shared his thoughts on how to achieve new breaks under the new economic situation that are, grasping the opportunities to realize leap-forward development, using brand effect to enhance value adding, making use of the industry chain to achieve overall advantages, using group effect to enhance work efficiency and united the talents to break the bottleneck. Huang also put forward his expectation of “united target, mutual benefit, work together, steady stand and co-exist”.


As the principal of the overall marketing, Ms. Li Ying, vice president of INVT Group, gave her speech with the subject of “win the future with value marketing”, she introduced the new thought from “price marketing” to value marketing on the basis of brand development, channel development, product innovation and service improvement; meanwhile she also set forth INVT’s integrated marketing strategy of “market oriented and customer focused” in 2016.


Subsequently, Mr. Zhang Kemeng, vice president of INVT Group made his speech with the subject of “drive by innovation and work together to create mutual benefits”, mainly introduced INVT’s new thought on products, sales and service to the global cooperators and partners; and also proposed new requirements on the collaboration.

In the next agenda, INVT concluded the domestic and overseas sales in 2015 and introduced the status quo and future development strategies in aspect of sales channel, brand, products and service. On channel construction, INVT will hold the principle of “equal, voluntary, credit standing, mutual benefit and risk co-bearing to realize standard and professional development; on brand development, INVT will lead global cooperators and partners to set up “valuable brand development” and provide ATL/BTL support, work together with global cooperators and partners to develop INVT into a well-known brand in the world; on products development, INVT make cooperators and partners have better knowing on the technical innovation of INVT products through the introduction of industrial control, electric drive, energy and products, to further enhance their professional skills; on service, INVT will make overall service and offer better after-sale service and guaranty to meet the diversified demands of the customers.

Mutual Benefits

This Global Cooperators and Partners Meeting is not only a meeting for conclusion and prospect, but also an awarding meeting for the excellent cooperators and partners; on the awarding banquet in the evening of December 16, INVT commended those cooperators and partners who had outstanding achievements in cooperation, market development and brand promotion. It’s the first time for overseas cooperator to get the annual great award—sales champion prize, which represents INVT have got better and better development in overseas market, and we expect to establish cooperative relationship with more excellent overseas cooperators and partners and create mutual benefits.



In order to further enhance the management level of cooperators and partners, and better to answer cooperators’ questions and doubts, INVT specially prepared training process of sales team construction and round-table meeting. Six round-table meeting places covered sales team construction training, products introduction, brand promotion, business policies, sales cooperation and technical service. Cooperators and partners might select the meeting place freely to communicate with INVT on the topic they cared; moreover, the leaders and managers of the Group and subsidiaries also attended the meetings to solve problems for them.




Look back the past year of 2015, INVT has got progress in steady development, and in the coming year of 2016, INVT is very confident in its new development. This Global Meeting is not only a conclusion and award for the cooperators and partners, but also an overall plan and prospect for them in 2016; the meeting agenda and contents fully shown INVT’s development strategies in the coming year to the global cooperators and partners, and also proposed higher targets and requirements. This meeting symbolizes the company’s sales in 2015 has got fully succeeded and makes a good foundation for the business development in 2016. We will continue to keep innovating and work hard together with global cooperators and partners to break the bottlenecks and create more mutual benefits.